Wednesday, February 2, 2011

19 Months

Tuesday, February 1
19 months
At 19 months Grant:

--has an vocabulary that is exploding: new words include: STOP, ice cream, no, boot (boop), want, ice, please (peassss), up, ouch, book, hat, socks, shoes

--has even started 2-3 word phrases: want ice cream, want more

--weighed in at 27lb. 14 oz and was 36 in tall!
--loves climbing on the chair and watching what is going on in the kitchen

--has a complete love and fascination with boots. He got the green rubber ones for Christmas and wears them around the house all the time. If Seth's snow boots are left laying around...he'll put those on too and hobble around the house...he loves his boops!

--walks down the steps...standing up...going forward (Yikes)

--wants whatever Seth has...especially in the line of balls

--has become a little whiney and clinging...especially at dinner time

--burned his finger pretty badly on the stove...dropping silverware onto the hot burner

--loves Yo Gabba Gabba. He hasn't been too fascinated with tv...but he loves Yo Gabba Gabba...he'll actually sit on the couch and watch it

--dances to music

--really loves interested now and wants to be read to before naptime and bedtime

--is taking pretty good naps...2-3 hours in the afternoon

--always wants to go out in the snow...but once he is out...doesn't know what to do and gets frustrated because he can't move and because he has gloves on

--tries to bounce a basketball

--is realizing he is "too big" for the seat in the shopping carts or his highchair. He much prefers to sit at the table "like a big boy"

--is a good listener and helper: When we say: "Seth it's time to feed kitty...Grant gets the bowl and puts it on the counter. When we say: "it's time to wash your hands for dinner, Seth...Grant goes into the bathroom.

--loves the ball pit at Crazy Pinz and climbs in the tunnels at Burger King
--is growing up WAY TO FAST! He definitely not a baby anymore!

I thought maybe it was time to stop his monthly updates...but I got some flack...and I guess when I think about it...he is learning new things every month.


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