Sunday, February 6, 2011

What a character

I'm thinking we really have our hands full with our little Grant. He is such a character...he is so funny but has such a temper. When he is mad....he is MAD! His latest is to go stand in the corner and be mad when he gets upset...or scream at an obscenely high pitch. But most of the time he is super cute...he is so "creative" in what he plays with. Usually, it doesn't involve any of the tons of toys we have sitting around...unless it's a ball. Friday night, I was folding laundry...and he decided to have his own version of "basketball". He got all his balls, put them in the basket and just sat in there for a good 30 minutes.

Then...on Saturday, I hear him coming down the steps...and this is what I see!

Yep...the little guy just stumbling through the house with a trash can on his head! He just cracks me up. Could he be any cuter?
Well, maybe when I dress him up in his Valentine Shirt I made this week....Watch out girls...

or maybe when his brother has a fever and isn't feeling good and he just crawls up on the couch and cuddles with his big brother.

Yep....he is ornery...but so darn stinkin' cute! I love that little guy (and his big brother too)


Jackie said...

Look at the two of them together! So cute!