Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Kart #14 is now rolling down the halls of Kosciusko Community Hospital. It's always so much fun to get a new kart going. Okay, maybe not for Andy as he was on "chase Grant around the lobby" duty. We loaded up the kart...took a few pics and went over specifics with the nursing staff. They were SO excited to have it available in their community. It was a special treat because our buddy Austin (and his brother) were there. Austin was our 10,000th recipient of a Kate's Kart book....He has become one of our favorite patients from he has battled and conquered (again) cancer. He has spearheaded a book collection at his school in Warsaw for 2 years we thought it was only appropriate to invite him to our "opening ceremony" when the Kart started in his hometown. It's hard to believe...we just continue to grow and grow. After every new hospital...our conversation is always: "How far is this going to go?" It's already way surpassed any thoughts we had. This Kart was donated by Sonrise at Aboite Kids Ministry. It's ways so fun to see how the whole community gets involved. Another special day for Kate's Kart...and our family. Just amazing! Celebrated with dinner at O'Charleys and a family night at home!