Tuesday, March 1, 2011

20 Months

Tuesday, March 1
20 Months

At 20 months Grant:
--will try and repeat words...he's almost like a parrot. It is so cool to see how much his vocabulary has exploded
--most used words include: stuck, all done, all gone, cookie,juice, i did it, there it is
--is going to be one of those kids who wants to be outside all the time
--loves loves loves books--he loves looking at picture books...especially ones with flaps and touch and feel. We can't put him down without reading to him.
--is starting a new fashion trend--which includes the onesie hanging out, because you are growing too fast and keep popping the snaps
--is still mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba and the Wiggles
--when he wakes up...he is UP...even if it is 4:00 in the morning. He loves to watch cartoons in the morning
--mimics Seth...whatever Seth does, Grant does. "Monkey See...Monkey Do"
--puts himself in time-out. We've put Grant in time-out a few times and obviously, Seth has been there. Recently, if I say "no" in a very firm voice, he'll go and sit in the time-out chair. It's hilarious...he just sits there for a minute or so and then gets up and goes about his business
--loves playing basketball at the Y with his brother...he bounces and chases the ball all over the gym
--is learning to drink out of a regular cup...it just can't be real full!
--loved the playscape at the Children's Museum..he could have played all day in there
--still loves climbing on people...especially their heads
--is one of our special little Valentine's


The Portas said...

I love that Grant puts himself in a time-out! That is super cute. HE is super cute. Both of your boys are. You are a blessed mama!