Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indy Weekend...Plan B

Last weekend, we went to Indy on Saturday to meet up with 3 of my high school friends and their families (unfortunately, Kar & Jeff from Michigan couldn't make it). So...we gather from South Bend, Ft. Wayne and Cincinnati, only to discover we had a major mix-up with the the waterpark! Yep, we had planned on spending the next 2 days at the indoor waterpark. Well...when the hotel booked us in the executive suites, with no kids allowed and no waterpark passes...we had to a make a new plan and fast! There was NO room in the Inn nor in the waterpark (as it was sold-out).

So...picture 8 adults and 10 disappointed kids standing in a hotel lobby making plan B! We had phones searching the Internet and a bunch of us crammed into a tiny closet where there was a computer. We found a hotel on the north side of town with suite rooms and a pool! So...we headed to the new hotel, checked in and headed to the pool. Not quite as nice as a waterpark...but really, the kids didn't seem to care. to Culvers for dinner and then back to the hotel for games and chatting in the lobby. It turned out okay...and the kids seemed to have a fun time. The adults had a fun time too...chatting and playing games as well...and then 3 of the 4 moms got a chance for some girl-talk after everyone else went to bed!

Then...after indulging in the free breakfast buffet...and a vote...we ended up a the children's Museum in Indy. It wasn't very crowded and ended up being a fun day. We hadn't been since Grant has been mobile...he loved it! What kid wouldn't love that place. After a full day...we all said our goodbyes and headed in all directions back home. Overall...I think things worked out for the best...what fun would the waterpark have been when it was sold out? (We heard there was a 1.5 hour wait for the slides! YUCK!) The best part was that we all got together...we got some (not nearly enough) time to chat and catch-up and the kids had a blast! You know...there is just something about those friends you've had for 25+ years. And right here would be the perfect place for a pic of all us...but I failed in that area....all I got was one of all of the kids.

and of course...some of my cutie-patooties! Seth in the dinosphere

Digging in the dinosaur pit! I found it interesting that every 2 months they re-cover this fossil with a mix of stone, tire and glue. The kids do all the digging. Once the whole thing is dug out...they completely cover it up again and a new round of kids starting digging!

We were running out of I took Grant to the playscape and Andy and Seth toured some other areas. Grant absolutely LOVED every part of this place. Imagine a room as big as a gym with activities geared for 1-2 year olds. He would play in the water...then cry when I took him out to go to the sand area...where he would cry when I took him out to go to the climbing area. Guess the little guy just couldn't figure out that there was SO much for him to do! It was 3:00 in the afternoon, with NO NAP...and he was going strong!

Choo Choo! Trains are quickly becoming one of Grant's favorites!

So much to many much fun!


The Saunders Family said...

glad you got together and had fun despite the change of plans...just an FYI, a great hotel that has nice perks is the Drury Inn. The one on the north side of town has a pool, and they have a free AWESOME breakfast, plus they have snakcs in the evening, which is more like a meal, and popcorn and soda all the time I think. It's reasonably priced too for all the extras.