Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kate's Kart Frenzy

It's been a bit of a Kate's Kart frenzy the past few weeks.

--Whispering Meadows Elementary! Did my presentation for one class and then the school librarian did it 17 more times to each one of the classes. (WOW!) Then...a week later I went back and went on a $1000 shopping spree at their book fair. It was so much fun...then, we went back and gave Popsicles to the winning class and had that 4th grade class label all the books.
Seth and Nate helping me shop

--Eel River Elementary! Spoke at their River Rally to the whole school a couple weeks ago and then got to go back to their book fair this past Friday and spend another $1000 that their school raised.
My #1 label-puter-oner!

--Perry Hill Elementary! Spoke at their school-wide Cougar Celebration yesterday...which just happens to be Seth's school! They are kicking off a book/fund drive over the next 2 weeks.

--Psi Iota Xi! Spoke today at a spring luncheon and fashion show given by the philanthropic sorority. It was amazing. Each of the 20 tables had a centerpiece of books tied with ribbon. Plus..there were at least 25 gift baskets that were given away in a raffle. All the proceeds will
come to Kate's Kart. It was just a fun way to spend a few hours this afternoon with a bunch of caring/giving women.

the book springy and beautiful I hated to unwrap them

--Warsaw! Kart #14 is painted and we are set to get it started at Kosciusko Community Hospital on Wednesday.

Plus...another sorority is writing a grant for a few more Karts...Aboite Elementary raised some serious cash with a read-a-thon (like $2700 I think) volunteers being trained all the time...Volunteer Handbook being printed...Canterbury Students utilizing some of our educational books to read to inner-city children...Grant proposals need to be written...we're growing to the point that we need to find insurance coverage...tubs of books need be put away in the storage unit...Ice Cream Social is being planned...11 quilters are making covers for our Karts...I'm meeting strangers in parking lots to pick up books that their family donated in honor of their twin's 1st birthday....It's just busy!

But I tell you...when I walk into Seth's school and their is a GIANT (and I mean GIANT) poster hanging on the wall with Kate's picture on it...I have to stop and take a deep breath. When I walk into a large banquet room and see 20 tables with a table topper with the Kate's Kart logo on it...I have to stop and take a deep breath. I know I say it all the time...but really, right now I'm just overwhelmed at the growth. I'm still in shock that I continually get the opportunity to share Kate's share our share the success.
People are so giving...and so generous. It truly amazes me at the team of volunteers that have and continue to give their time to our little idea in memory of our little girl.
Some days...those 18 months with Kate seem like a dream...Some days...the phenomenon that Kate's Kart is becoming seems like a dream. Truly I feel speechless.
I believe God has a "plan" for our lives...He promised us that in Jeremiah 29:11. He surprised me when he called me into youth ministry years ago...and HE has totally overwhelmed me with this ministry called Kate's Kart. No...I don't like the way and reason it got started...and I would trade it all to have her has done some amazing things...and through Kate's Kart...I rest assured that my future is filled with hope. And you know what...talking about my little princess everyday...and sharing her picture and story with thousands of people...isn't so bad either!


my life: said...

I thought I heard that you were at Whispering Meadows! Did you see Gracie? ;0) I LOVE that you are having these opportunities!!! Sweet Kate is touching SO many lives, thank you SO much for sharing her momma. :0)

Melissa said...

I love to hear how Kate's Kart is growing. I remember you first talking about wanting to find a way to honor Kate's memory and thus became Kate's Kart. I only wish I was local and could help more!!