Thursday, March 17, 2011

Those sneaky leprachauns

The leprechauns visited our house today! They made a mess of it...but left some things behind!

Seth was pretty excited about all the football cards laying all around.

All Grant knew was that there were suckers laying all over the floor

It all started when the boy I babysit for told Seth that leprechauns visit his house...make a mess and leave behind some treats. I had never heard of such a thing...but evidently this happens in other people's houses as well. Well, of course Seth caught on to this and today asked if the leprechauns were going to come? I said probably not, because they have never come before! Well....I emailed Andy...told him to stop at the store on the way home and mess up the house when he got home...and that we would be at the neighbors playing.

All day...Seth kept asking if they were coming. I played it up when we left to go outside and locked all the doors so they couldn't get in!

He was so surprised when get got back to the house! "They came!" Grant...well, he was just excited about the suckers.

It was a glorious day...we spent from 1-3 and 3:30-5 outside. It was out playing in the neighborhood! But I can does make getting the laundry done a little more difficult.

This afternoon, Seth and his 2 friends were playing and we took a break and had some rainbow cupcakes! I had made them yesterday and they were a lot of fun...a little time consuming (especially when I had to beg from 2 neighbors, one for an egg and one for red food coloring)...but a fun treat for St. Paddy's day.


Anonymous said...

Never heard of such a thing but the the little devils visited Johnson's grandsons school room today.

Kristen said...

I've never heard of leprechauns coming to visit, but sounds fun! I'm glad you had fun with the cupcakes! It was definitely more time consuming to do but makes it lots of fun for the kids!

Kathy said...

He looks too happy with that sucker!
I wish that I would have thought of that....the visit from the leprechauns...
too fun!