Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Post

So it's time for my weekly post...I say it all the time, but I do have great intentions of blogging more just doesn't happen. Mainly cause I don't feel much is happening...just living life. Here's a few pics I found on my camera for the week:

We celebrated Dr. Suess's birthday way back on the 2nd with green eggs and ham for dinner!
I do not like them, Seth I am!

(Actually, it was a big hit...except the fried potatoes!)

This past week has been a rough one for the Granster! Monday it was obvious that he was NOT FEELING WELL! He was pretty lethargic Mon-Wed. Basically, he laid on the couch and watched cartoons. He had a fever, was throwing up, not eating, coughing...and just plain worn out! On Wednesday morning he woke up and his breathing was really labored. I called the doc, he got him in and we got a diagnosis of pneumonia. Poor little guy! Fortunately, we caught it early and were able to treat at home with some antibiotics. By Thursday he was feeling much fact I found him at the breakfast table eating Seth's left over cereal.

And...this week he really grew up...NO MORE HIGH CHAIR! He loves sitting at the table with the rest of the family. He loves it! Can't believe that the high chair will be going away!
So, it's been a quiet week since we've been home with Grant. We rented a few movies and just relaxed at was actually quite nice.

I started my spring cleaning today! I decided to tackle one room at a time (probably during naptime) Today...I started easy with the living room cause it was time to take down the snowmen! And...we found 1 paci, 3 miscellaneous socks, 2 silly bands, a matchbox car and 27 rubberbands from the newspaper. My goal is to clean all woodwork...move all furniture and sweep...and DECLUTTER! It wasn't too bad today...but when it comes to the kitchen...playroom...UCHCH!!! I can't imagine the treasures we'll find. I'm just not going to think about the fact that by the time I am'll be time to start all over again!

Tonight we had my parents over for celebrate my dad's birthday. We were making an ice cream pie...Grant woke up and I went upstairs to get him...and found this when I returned!

We were making an oreo crust...he basically stuck his whole face inside the bag we crushed the oreos in digging for crumbs! Crazy kid!

Happy Birthday Oompa!

Oreo crust..chocolate ice cream with Reese Cups added...with hot fudge! CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!

I did squeeze in 2 Kate's Kart presentations this's unbelievable the community support we are receiving! It's so cool. And..plans are underway for our 3rd annual ice cream social...mark your calendar for June 18!


Jackie said...

I will put June 18 in my diary and will get some ice cream, so although I can't join you in person I'll join you in spirit!

Jackie said...

Oooops! So caught up with ice cream I nearly forgot to say I hope Grant is better now!