Thursday, April 14, 2011

Blogging Slump???

So my faithful blog readers...I continue to let you down. Another week has gone by and nothin! It's not that we're not busy...and doing stuff...we are! Maybe it's a little bit of a blogging slump...who knows? Spring break was full with redoing the boys rooms, which has gone great! Grant is doing great staying in his big boy room. He does get out of bed when he wakes up...but we are keeping his door closed an he can't open that door he just screams at the door (as opposed to screaming in the crib.) We also cleaned out a ton of you can see...Grant was a HUGE help.....NOT! And luckily, our church's HUGE spring children's clothing and toy resale is this coming weekend. So...we were able tag everything and load it up and take 2 van loads to the church! Hoping to get a nice check on Saturday afternoon...and NOT spend it all shopping at the sale on Friday.

We also had some fun...a lot of one on one time with the boys! Andy and Seth went to Science Central...Seth and me went to see Diary of a Wimpy Grant had time with the other parent. it's back to work and school. Andy is knee deep in academic team. His state competition is coming up in a couple weeks. He actually won the regional meet a couple weeks ago...He's a great coach. Kate's Kart is out of control...grants, ice cream social, board meetings, volunteers...lots of time spent trying to keep my head out of the water.

The weather has been glorious...we've been spending some great time outside! Yesterday we got out the "car" and had a fun time on the driveway. Cousin Nia was here for the cute to see those 2 together! next post marks my 1000th post! Thinking I should do something special...any ideas? Anything you REALLY want me to Faithful readers who have stuck with me over the past 3's your turn to tell me what to say! What have you always wanted to know?


Shannon said...

What church is the sale at? What time does it run?

Melissa said...

I think your 1000th post should chronicle Kate's life and death and the life that Kate's Kart has taken on in her absence (if you can handle the memories). I think you probably have lots of followers who are not fully aware of all you all have endured. God bless!!

Nikki said...

Maybe a new blog design will help inspire some writing? ;)


Kathy said...

Would you just tell me PLEASE how you have all the energy you have to do all the things that you do. You never stop! and that Grant...what a helper he is!

We all have blogging slumps..
I have mine weekly...and have for FOUR years!

formatie nunta said...

Hehe i bought a car like that to my son, he is so excited with it, i think yours is the same.