Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

We were up bright and early...after a very short night. Seth was up until after excited that the Easter Bunny was coming. First thing...hunting for eggs. After Grant's trial run yesterday...he quickly got the hang of it! EGG! EGG! EGG! Each and every egg was so exciting! was time to find the baskets! Grant got a new bubble blower that was pretty exciting stuff! Seth got binders and protectors for his football/basketball cards and some new cards. Plus...throw in the chocolate bunnies and Reese's Eggs...and it was a good start. to a glorious morning at church. As always...the choir/orchestra did an incredible was an amazing time of worship.

Back at home...while I was cooking...Grant discovered jelly beans! He as a very quick fan!

at one point...I think he went into a sugar coma... (Not sure what was going on here...guessing he was just enjoying the moment! Some people roll in money...Grant...rolls in eggs! Time for a photo shoot...I am blessed!
Don't they look so cute...Thanks Grandma for the ADORABLE outfits.

After a yummy lunch of ham, sweet potatoes, cheesy potatoes, asparagus, salad, pineapple fluff, deviled eggs, pickled eggs and beets and was back outside for some more egg hunting with the cousins.

First...the 'babies' had a turn! Grant was a real pro now!

Then the 3 big boys had a turn for their eggs! "Okay kids...stop looking at your baskets filled with candy and stand here nicely while I take your picture!" Yeah, that wasn't a great idea!Then...DESSERT! Grandma made her bunny cake and chocolate pie! I tried cake pops for the first time! It was Grandma's birthday on i wanted to do something special. Not TOTALLY happy with the result...they are a little labor intensive...but the possibilities are endless! We had a record crowd...15 total!

My parents + Andy's mom and Ted +my brother, his wife, Amy, and 3 kids + Amy's parents + the four of us! At times it was times our house felt SO times there was times there were tears...but was a great afternoon. was TOO much for a little boy without a nap! Surprisingly...after sleeping from 4:30-6...he was easily back in bed at 8. The dishes are done...the floors swept...and a GIANT basket of candy sits atop the fridge! It was a glorious day celebrating our risen Savior with my family. We are truly blessed.