Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We have friends who are pastors at a local church. They hosted their 2nd annual community wide Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. Since Seth's first Upward flag football game was cancelled due to extremely soggy fields...we were excited to be able to take the boys.

Seth was a man on a soon as they said "go" for the 4-7 year olds...he was gone! We couldn't even find him till it was over.

When the 2000 eggs for the 4-7 years olds were all gone...we found him, with a basket full and a blue sparkly egg!

The Lucky guy was one of only 4 winners of a special Easter Basket! I tell you..that boy wins everything. Here he is with his new basket and Patrick and Kristen, the pastor and his wife

It was a beautiful sunny long awaited after the rain we've had non-stop for days. The eggs were strategically placed...with most of them hidden on a giant hill.

Grant actually had his turn first with the newborns-3 year olds. Grant had NO idea what to do and it took him a while to figure out what to do. I think the hundreds of people running past him through him for a loop.

In the end...he was pretty excited about his eggs...especially when he discovered they had chocolate in them.

It was a fun morning...with our boys!


Jackie said...

Looks like you had a great time, well done Seth and Grant on finding all those eggs!! We've had glorious weather here too, I've got sunburnt (I know, stupid me!!) but have also caught a cold at the same time!!