Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break...I mean Spring Work

It's true...and no matter how hard you wish it wouldn't happen...your little boys grow up! And...ours our growing like we felt it was time...time to do a little room updo! Grant started crawling out of his crib...and that was the final straw. So...our spring break consisted of: Admiring and taking pictures of the incredible mural Grandma (Andy's mom) painted 7 years ago. We were 6 months pregnant and had no idea what we were having. We went with a garden theme. Grandma outdid herself. Nana (my mom) made matching curtains and crib ruffle and changing table cover. It turned out to be a darn cute nursery...our served our 3 little babies well! We went more with the frog theme with Seth and Grant and added more butterflies and flowers for Kate. We HATED to paint over the mural...but it was time! We took lots of pictures.

Note: changing table, crib ruffle, diaper bag, curtains...all for sale! Let me know if interested before I take to church resale on Sunday!

On Friday, April 1 Seth and I tackled the was a PAIN! Friday night we went shopping for new paint!

Saturday Andy did the preliminary stripe. I spent 3 hours at the shed shelving books. Sat. night Andy and I got a date night...which included a yummy dinner at Biagii's and then shopping for Seth's room.

Sunday...Andy painted the blue and green! I deep cleaned the family room, den, dining room a and our bedroom. The boys still played at Grandma & Ted's

Seth was really concerned about "kitty" He loved that Grandma painted her on the mural. Andy...bless his heart...saved the cat!

This was Seth's room...he moved in here when I was 6 months pregant with Kate. It served him well and was in pretty good shape! Perfect for a new little "big" boy to move into! Notice the cool headboard that Grandma painted as well to match the border. (The end table was already removed to repaint.)

Wednesday night...Andy and Seth took out the old carpet. It was old...stained and it seemed like the perfect time to replace it. The boys and I spent the night at Nana's since our upstairs was in complete everything from both rooms was in the playroom and hallway.

And after a LONG day on Thursday...Seth's new BIG BIG boy room was mostly done. The crib backboard is his new headboard (unfortunately, the frame we bought couldn't accomodate the footboard...but at the rate SEth is growing, we'd have to take it off soon anyway.) We still have to buy new poster for the 3rd frame

It looks like such a grown up room to me.

And this is Grant's new "little" big boy room. We repainted his dresser...brought in the rocking chair...cause I'll take the bedtime rocking as long as I can get it... and put up the side rails on the bed.

We've got just a few more things to add... a bulletin board for Seth...we're getting a new comforter for Grant...Grant needs some pictures and stuff for his board. Overall...I'm really happy with how it all turned out! Two special rooms for 2 special boys.

Now...let's just hope they sleep tight! They both look so little in their new bigger beds! I'm sure that won't last long!


Shannon said...

Too cute! I love that Andy saved Kitty :o) Catching a glimpse of that will always bring back memories of your three little babies in the nursery. Love the colors, love it all! Have a good weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the new rooms in person this spring/summer!! :)