Friday, May 6, 2011

21 & 22 Months

I've slacked with Grant's posts...I missed last month and this one is late...oh well! At 21 and 22 months Grant:

--has been successfully "pooping" on the potty for over 2 weeks. I am just amazed...he tells me when he has to go...and most of the time he does. He has only gone in his diaper I think twice in 2 weeks. And just the past couple days...he wants to sit on the potty when he has to go #1. He by no means has it all down...but he is way ahead of the game. He is so cute...jsut sitting there. Really...could my little guy get totally potty trained this summer? He isn't even 2 yet?

--loves ELMO! He obessessed and wants to watch everyday!

--talks all the time...he tries to repeat anything you say

--loves balls!

--is still a BITER and has left several marks on his cousin
--jumped on a trampoline...loved it! "Jump...Jump...Jump"

--LOVES it outside...loves going for walks while riding his little push bike
--LOVES pushing buttons: the garage door, the door that closes the van, elevators

--is sleeping in a twin bed (as of the first of April) He is doing great. He has only gotten out of bed once during nap time. He does bang on the door and cry when he is ready to get out...who knows what will happen once he learns to open the door?

--got his first haircut in a haircut place...Sports Clips! Between the tvs and suckers...we kept him occupied.

--is so stickin cute...if he starts to hit and you say, "no"...he says "hug" and hugs you instead

--is NOT enjoyable at all at restaurants. He doesn't like the highchair...and doesn't stay sitting in a booster. I often have a very grubby little eater on my lap during the meal

--Knows that he gets a cookie at the grocery...a sucker at the bank and immediately begins shouting "cookie" or "sucker" when going in!

--LOVES candy and suckers

--LOVED hunting for eggs at Easter--so cute carrying around his basket

--loves dancing to music

--plays Ring around the Rosie

--knows his friends names at church--specifically Sophia and Jacob

--plays fun games with his cousin who has beeen coming a couple times a week: yells "bye duck" out the window...dances on the coffeetable...wiggles lips and claps twice!

--is not a breakfast eater


formatie nunta said...

What an adorable boy, he is so cute. How did you make him to stay on the chair on the haircut place?