Thursday, May 26, 2011

And your on in 5...4...3...2...1

What a journey the past 24 hours. As Kate's Kart, were booked to be on Linda Jackson's community program. We were scheduled to tape on Wednesday at 3. She came to get us at about 3:20...because the taping before them was delayed due to the weather.

When we walked into the studio...Curtis Smith was doing a break-in update on the weather. We got the first segment taped...and then it got worse. We started to tape the 2nd and they had to cut so that Curtis could go back on the air. Then...we started again...only to be stopped once again because of another tornado. By this time, my mom was outside in the van with the boys...I went to tell them it could be a while...when the executive producer said..."let's reschedule" because there were lots more storms coming...and it could have been hours before we were able to get the whole thing taped. we went back at 3! One of our many dedicated volunteers, Melissa, went with me. We had about 18 minutes to try and talk about it started...where we are at now...the board of directors...inventory the books...testimonies of the families...and our ice cream social. Once we were actually able to continue went REALLY fast. I was a nervous wreck the whole time...there are monitors EVERYWHERE...and you look up and there you are! YIKES!!!

I think it went well...and hopefully we were able to touch on a little bit of of the WHOLE aspect of Kate's Kart.

The funniest part...yesterday...during of the several "break-ins" by Curtis...they wanted a certain camera angle that required us to DUCK! are the 3 of us...with our heads down on the newsdesk...we were cracking up. Luckily, things like that broke the tension a little bit. Plus...Linda is just the NICEST caring. We were able to joke around a little which helped...but honestly...I am scared to death to watch this...I'm sure watching it will be an eternity!

Who would have ever THUNK we would have come THIS far? So...can't believe I'm sharing this..but you can watch this on channel 33 on
May 28 at 6:09 pm
May 29 at 11:09 pm
June 4 at 11:09
June 5 at 6:09


Melissa said...

But, for those of us out of town, will it be online??

The Saunders Family said...

Shoot, wish I still lived in the Fort Area! Glad you got it done finally.

Lori said...

So awesome to see! Love to hear all the "behind the scenes" events that led to such a successful taping! Great job!