Friday, May 20, 2011

Andy & Me've had a little update on the boys! Andy and I are just as busy!


--placed in the Top 10 in the state with his academic team. He works hard with them, spending many days after school.

--planted our garden and more herbs in our herb garden

--got the association pool up and going and it passed the Board of Health inspection with flying colors. Right now...he has a small break before it opens full time next weekend and then the 2x daily checks start

--is coaching Seth's Upward Football Team!


--worked our church resale last month. I am the committee head for break down. It's a long day on Saturday but we've got a system now and it really goes pretty well. We were able to buy a lot of clothes for our boys...and sold a bunch of stuff as well! Good news...we made more than we spent!

--is working on planning the 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social. It's coming along great! We've had a great response from sponsors this year and have been able to add some exciting things. Even though I have a great committee planning it as's a lot of work...and phone calls...and emails..and record keeping.

--took on VBS at our church! Yes...last year I said "yes" when asked to Direct VBS. It's quickly approaching in July (10-14) and I am trying to get all my volunteers together. We've got some exciting stuff planned and it's going to be a great week...but it's a lot of work!

--continues to be amazed and (over)whelmed at responses to Kate's Kart and the amount of work it requires. It's all good...but it's been a busy busy few months.

Wow...worn out just thinking about it! Time for bed!