Friday, May 6, 2011

Moo! Baa! Neigh!

After school today, the whole family headed to the zoo. It had been a typical rainy/sunny afternoon but we decided to give it a shot. We got there...bought our season pass for the summer and headed to check out the African section...and it began to downpour.

So...we decided to head to the covered areas...and explored the aquarium in Australia. By the time we got out of there... the sun was shining and we had the zoo almost entirely to ourselves for the last 1/2 hour.

Grant was lovin' every minute of it...he just kept saying the animals names or their sound:! I can't wait to take him back this summer when more of the animals are out. He is at the perfect age. We hadn't been to the zoo with him for almost a year. Back then he could really care less...Now...he notices every animal.

The highlite of the afternoon....a peacock showing off for the girls! How cool are they? It's sure to be a fun spring at the zoo.