Friday, May 20, 2011


Wow, do I love this kid! Wow...he is growing up way too fast! He has been quite busy lately...being a almost 7 year old!

--the other day was Bubble Day at school. His class spent the morning blowing bubbles, building special bubbles, measuring bubbles, reading about bubbles. Grant was exceptionally well behaved in his it was great that I got to go and just watch him having fun with all this friends. He loved building a huge bubble connecting 7 plates all together.

--is playing Upward Flag Football. We got a slow start to the year due to all the rain...we're 1/2 way through the season and he seems to be enjoying it! Andy is coaching and I think it's really cool that Seth thinks that is super neat!

--is becoming quite the reader. It's amazing to me at how he has just "caught" on this year. He can easily read 1st readers now. I've realized I now need to be careful what I type and what I leave out...cause he can usually figure it out. He still loves to be read to...but has made huge progress reading himself. He continues to LOVE math and loves doing math problems in the car or while making dinner! The other day at Target...he told me the Easter Clearance items would now be .24. He saw the 75% off sign from 99 cents! Really...he's thinking percentage already?

Throughout the year he has been reading and was awarded a free ticket to the TinCaps game. We all went and even though I turned in the ticket late...we had AWESOME seats...front row right above the dugout. Too bad that it rained and the game didn't even start till 8. By 9...we were all we left early..but still had a great time while we were there.

--A couple weeks ago he got to go to school ALL DAY and ride the bus home! He was pretty excited. He had a great day...but he was WIPED out. That night...I would randomly find him laying down all over the house, including the kitchen floor.

--is a hard worker. On random days he chooses to do some sort of organization. Today...he cleaned out the DVD cabinet...checking all the cases and making sure they were all there. The other day it was the playroom. He is such a great brother and OFTEN cleans up after his brother who finds complete joy in wrecking the house. He is a hard worker.

--passed the swimming test tonight at the Y! They started a new policy where the kids have to take a small swimming test to go down the slide. At first he didn't want to do it...and got all sad...but after a little convincing he did it and did GREAT!

--has a new fascination with football and baseball and basketball cards.

--loves working in the shed with me for Kate's Kart.

--is diligently making his birthday list...everyday he goes to the computer and adds something else.


Momma said...

Wow, Krista! While I was impressed by many of his precious milestones, his mathmatician skills are above and beyond! Only a handful of my 3rd graders could probably tell me 75% of something! Way to go, Seth!