Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Welcome "unofficial" summer

What a glorious day to spend at the pool! I picked up Seth (plus 2 boys I'm sitting) and met a friend (and her 2 daughters, one of which is in the boy's class.) They were hot to trot to get in that water..and you would have thought I was putting them through torture when I applied the sunscreen. It was a great couple hours...plus a picnic lunch! Grant did awesome...he played in the kiddie pool most of the time...but later ventured into the big pool with me! He loves jumping into the pool and being thrown in the air! The kid has NO FEAR!

This past holiday weekend was packed full with all sorts of activities

Friday: Andy & Seth went to Portland to put flags on veteran's graves. Grant and I stocked a few Karts and ran some errands

Saturday: Seth had flag football and a birthday party. We all headed back to POrtland at 4 for dinner. The boys stayed...Andy and I put flowers on his family's graves and our little angel. Andy & I headed for home.

Sunday: Slept for 12 hours! GLORIOUS! Had a date lunch (no one got or threw food on me). We went to the gym...relaxed..grilled out...watched a movie

Monday: Andy did yard work..I worked in KK storage unit. PIcked up boys and went to some friends for a cookout!

It was a good mix of fun, work, friends and family!