Thursday, June 2, 2011

23 Months

At 23 months, Grant:

--is pretty verbal and is starting to talk in sentences! He says things like: "I see a bird". He now knows who he is...and call himself: "Gent"
--has some cute "Grantisms": "ooop" = open, "mores" = more, "poop-potty" = I have to go to the bathroom, "ooma" = oompa
--often says: "one mores ...." and holds up 1 finger...whether it be 1 more song at bedtime or 1 more snack or 1 more book.
--raises his hands enthusiastically in the air and shots "AGAIN" when he wants to do something over
--is pretty consistent about telling us when he has to "poop-potty". He's about 75% with his #2 but only 10% with #1
--is having a hard time going to bed. He was doing so, rock and he was out!'s turning into a cry battle at night. He knows how to open the door so we have to put the gate up! He DOESN'T like that!
--hardly eats at all...seriously, I don't know what this kid lives on
--LOVES his milk...he is a serious drinker
--LOVES popsicles
--thinks he is too big for his car seat and tries to sit in Seth's booster whenever he gets in the car...and then a battle ensues to get him in his seat. He says: "big seat"
--loves dancing to music
--is still infatuated with Elmo
--takes showers...he LOVES them, especially when it is he and Seth
--tells his friends "nite nite" each night at bedtime
--goes down giant inflatable slides and goes through giant inflatable obstacle courses...without even batting an eye
--loves "The Very Busy Spider" by Eric Carle
--gives great big wonderful HUGS...but often after being "punished" He knows how to melt my heart
--consistently wakes up at about 6:30! YUCK!
--IS GOING TO BE 2!!!!!