Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Earning My Keep

I am so fortunate to be able to be home with boys! I truly see it as a HUGE blessing. But life is expensive (especially new transmissions and water heaters) so it's nice to help out a little with the family budget. Andy works really hard...picking up extra work at school, working through the summer at the pool...but he needs a life too...time to play with the boys.

I'm lucky to be paid a little for Kate's Kart...and I do some occasional babysitting. But...I've also had the opportunity to help by baking... lots....lots and lots. A company hires me to bake cookies for them several times a year for their corporate gifting. This weekend was time...and it was a larger order....48 dozen...that's almost 600 cookies.

Andy took the boys to Grandma and Ted's and I got busy. I went shopping for ingredients and started in...measuring and mixing and scooping and switching trays and counting and cleaning and bagging and counting and....17 hours later I was done with everything except boxing them.

200 chocolate chip mint! These turned out heavenly and were dangerous to have in my house!
and 200 oatmeal raisin!

and 196 M&M...I had grandiose plans to use patriotic M&M's...but couldn't find them! So yes, I picked out the red and blue and put those on top! Am I insane?

And then...they needed bagged...individually...all 600!

And then...they needed boxed...ready to send out to the customers...hopefully bringing a smile to lots of faces.

And then they needed taken to the UPS Store. The ladies at the UPS store actually remembered me from last October! "The cookie lady is back", they said.

It's a long weekend...a VERY LONG Saturday...but for the most part I enjoy it...I crank the radio and just sing and bake. And when the paycheck comes...it's all worth it...until my oven goes out from baking so much, but we'll just have to cross that bridge when (if) that happens. (I panicked on Saturday because it shut off...but I guess it just does that after 12 hours of being on!)

Overall it went well this time...NO BURNT cookies and very few that didn't pass "quality" control. Special thanks goes to Grandma and Ted for taking the boys...cause I really don't think their help would be worth it! Plus..thanks to Andy for his help with bagging and encouraging me and taste-tasting and allowing us to just grab a quick dinner that night!


Kathy said...

I can't believe you made SO many...
and that you picked out the m&m's.
yes...you are crazy!

oh girl...you are just amazing. you made me so tired...I need a nap now. I can't even get my bum in gear to bake ONE dozen cookies.

I hope you snacked alot while you were baking!

Laura said...

Wish I had known about all the bagging and boxing! I could have helped you with that part. Let me know next time you have a big order like that. My only fee is that I get to eat the "failures". :)