Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go Eat Ice Cream Day!

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with us...with and without your camera! It really does make my heart all warm and fuzzy when I see pics of people ALL OVER THE WORLD, taking the time to remember our little girl! Thank you for blessing us today.

God blessed us with a BEAUTIFUL day to celebrate Kate's birthday! It was a busy full day!
We had church in the morning and I had a meeting for VBS after church! The boys were at Grandma and Ted's so Andy took advantage of the opportunity to go out for a nice lunch and enjoy some conversation and NOT have anyone screaming or throwing food or complaining about the food!

Then...I had some cookie packing to do...we relaxed...put our feet up and enjoyed a quiet afternoon at home. After another quick meeting at church...we headed to Decatur to pick up the boys. We met at Zesto's and ate our ice cream. For some reason, the ice cream always tastes better on her birthday!

Then...home for bath and bedtime for all!

I can't imagine life with a 5 year old little girl? What would I have bought her for her birthday? Maybe Barbies? What would she have loved to do? What about her hair? Would it still be red? and fine? Would she wear pigtails? Would she love to dress up in cute little dresses or would she be outside kicking around a soccer ball with Seth? Who knows?

It still hits me every once in a while...a GIANT wave of grief...the tears come...they go...but they are there. Sometimes it just isn't fair!

But then...I remember the impact she is making through her little rolling karts...and some of the pain goes away. And I remember the wonderful birthday she is having in heaven...and some of the pain goes away. And I remember how sick she was and know she is healed...completely...and some of the pain goes away. But...some of the pain is there...and it always will be....and no matter how many books or how much ice cream or how many smiles...it's still there and always will be...cause I'm her mommy and always will be!