Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Haven--Day 1

We were fortunate AGAIN to be able to borrow my parent's RV and take a 4 day mini vacation up to Lake Michigan. We made reservations months ago to stay at Grand Haven State Park. We had been there a few times before and think it's kinda a fun place since the park is right on Lake Michigan. It's more like a parking lot, than a campground...but it makes for a fun trip to be able to walk right outside your door onto Lake Michigan.

We left around 10:30 and stopped in McDonald's/Arby's parking lot to grab a quick bite to eat...we ate in the camper...when I put the milk and ketsup away...the door fell off the fridge! YIKES! PANIC! Well...after Andy confirmed it was broken, we called home! Mom got me a number for a local RV center...we went there and the guy said he didn't keep that part in stock. Then...he gave us the number of a couple other places in Grand Rapids (where we would be going through)...and they also didn't keep it in stock.

So...we turned around and headed home with a VERY disappointed 7 year old. I had to he said, "next stop...home" with the saddest look on his face. I called home again and mom convinced us to go anyway! So...we bought a cooler and made due "the old fashioned" way with ice. After about 6 hours and what seemed like 10...we finally made it to the campground.

We got unloaded and got ready to bike into town for dinner! Well...not with a broken bike trailer. Evidently it got broken over the winter...bummer! we go, walking into town with Grant's stroller with a bum wheel! We found a place...had a decent dinner and walked around town. We stopped for ice cream...a favorite along the boardwalk along the channel.

Grant eats ice cream by sticking the WHOLE cone in his face!

Did some exploring around downtown

Watched some LARGE freighters come into the channelWalked along the pier...all the way down to see the lighthouses...Lots of people fishing and enjoying the beautiful night and sunset!those white things in the background are the campers at the State Park

Then back to the all snuggled in and prayed for a better day tomorrow!