Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Haven...Wed/Thursday

Well...with the storm Tuesday night...came rough waters on Lake Michigan. The water was super choppy....and the red flag meaning NO SWIMMING was raised! Bummer! So...we ate a leisurely breakfast in the RV and then headed to the park entrance to catch the trolley into town! We waited and waited...and then realized that it probably didn't start until 11 or once again...we hiked it back into town (all 2.5 miles....Seth was such a trooper, so proud of him and all the walking we did). We walked to the marina...watched the boats (not many were out) and found a playground to play on! We wandered through the farmer's market...there were the most beautiful hanging baskets for only $10...wished we had a way to get them back, cause I'm not huffing back 2.5 miles with a giant basket!) Decided to grab some gyros at a little place and ate downtown at some little roadside tables and then headed to play Putt Putt. It was Grant's first time...he did "okay" He lost interest and was much more interested in changing ball colors, stomping in puddles and roaming onto other player's courses!

Well, of course we had to grab some ice cream! This was a local place that made their own...YUMMY!

Then...fortunately, the trolley was running so we were able to ride that back to the campground.
It was open in the back and Seth loved it! As with all tourist rides...the driver was full of corny jokes!

(This pic is about 1 minute before Grant was OUT! That was a big day for little guys!)

Time for Grant to take a nap (or finish the one he started on the trolley) Seth and I headed down to the beach to explore the action! There were crazy (fools) out there surfing and jumping from the pier into the water! But..the sun had come out and I could tell Seth just wanted to play. So...I said, only with a lifejacket...and ONLY to your knees. Back to the RV (which was only 100 yards away to change!) He was lovin it...jumping the waves!

Soon came Grant and daddy It wasn't long until Grant started venturing to the water...he wasn't happy with me when I put on his lifejacket! He just sat and pouted for like 10 minutes

But then...he began to play and decided to just throw water on Seth.
I could take pictures of my boys at the beach all day long! By this time it was getting really cold...the boys were shivering! Back to get cleaned up, which was no easy task with the amount of sand on these boys. Made an easy supper in the RV and then went for a walk!

We walked on the made me a nervouse nelly! It was totally dry and safe in the middle, but the waves were splashing up on the sides! There were still (fools) out in the water...some doing some serious jet skiing!

Decided to walk into town one more time...Grant discovered a new way to enjoy the sand....

And Seth was jumping on the he did everynight! But then...tragedy! He fell! He couldn't walk..."both legs were broken"...he couldn't go ANY further! So...we called it an early night! He hobbled back to the RV and they watched a movie! Andy and I had hoped to sit outside the RV and watch the waves...but Grant chose to take 2 hours to fall asleep (which meant we had to stay with him on his bed, or he would climb out).

Thursday morning we woke to rain, choppy waters, COLD and a RED FLAG. It was time to go! We packed up, took one more little walk (it was freezing) and headed home! It was actually nice to be home at a decent hour, get the RV cleaned and returned and get over 1/2 the laundry done. started out rough...and ended a little sooner than we thought...we had to deal with broken equipment...and only had 1 really nice day on the beach...but was a fun trip! Time together...time just the 4 of us. Life is good!