Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Seth

It's Seth's 7th birthday...Wow! A friend of mine told me she decorated her boy's doors...I thought that was such a cute idea so I jumped all over that one! Last night, Andy and I hung this while he was sleeping! He had a huge smile when he woke up this morning. After relaxing a little this morning and dining on cinnamon rolls (his request) we ran a couple errands. Our new camera stopped working so we took it in (thus the awful pictures taken with our cheap camera, ughg) Since we were downtown we went to one of his favorite places...the library! He was so excited because now he is old enough to go up in the little reading cubbies. He took his chapter book and just sat up there and read. He could have stayed there for an hour...had his little brother not been screaming his head off because he wanted to go up the steps. little guy is old enough and has the skills to read a chapter book?

Home for a quick lunch and then went to a friend's to pick up his cake. I was so impressed with her work. I had promised him Mario...and it isn't liscenced for the stores to do. (Lesson learned!) However...I was more than thrilled with this cute...and Seth loved it as well.

He was able to invite a few friends (just enough to all fit in the van) for a small birthday party. We started off by playing laser tag. The boys were so cute...only 2 of the 5 had played before. They played against some high school girls and were so excited that they won.

Then off to McDonalds for some happy meals, presents, cake and ice cream! So impressed that McDonalds offered free ice cream to us...even though we didn't have an "official" party.

Grant so wanted to be a part of the "big boys"

Happy Birthday Seth...may all your wishes come true!