Thursday, June 2, 2011

Glorious Day...for the zoo!

It was a glorious day...and Andy took it off so he could be at Seth's graduation. So...after nap we headed to the zoo! It was perfect...the crowd. Grant is at the PERFECT age for the zoo...he is so excited when he sees the animals. I LOVE LOVE the look on his face when he spots an animal in the cage for the first time.

We took advantage of Grant being only 1 and free on rides. Andy took the boys on the log ride. I took them on the Choo Choo! lost in the mosquito netting

Hyenas...gee their ugly animals!

Going for a drive! Seth is such a GREAT big they are checking out the monkeys! At one point, Seth grabbed his hand and showed him where to go! It was the perfect photo opt and I MISSED it!

Then...dinner at O'Charleys! Don't you just love KIDS EAT FREE! Being a kindergarten graduate must be hard work...Seth ate 4 rolls AND all his dinner! Grant, on the other hand...had about 2 bites...exactly the reason why I LOVE kids eat free!