Saturday, June 11, 2011

Minute to Win It Party

Last night we celebrated Seth's birthday with our families. Everyone came over for some pizza and then we had some fun playing Minute To Win It Games. Seth loves watching that show on we had our own little show. They make it easy, on the website you can find all the supplies needed, rules and even the blueprints. Youtube has all the blueprints and the clock timer without we played the blueprints and even had timers. I just hooked the computer up to the tv so we are all able to see the challenges. At several points, we looked like a 3 ring circus...with people trying different games at the same time. And...just have to say, my brother should try out..he was by far the winner!

Separation Anxiety

Movin' On Up & Face The Cookie

Candy Elevator & Caddy Stack

Play It By Ear & A Bit Dicey

Speed Eraser

At one point, we looked over and Grant had grabbed the pencil and string and had it around his neck! That kid is sharp. Another time, he had a Popsicle stick and was trying to put a die on it! He wants to be just like the big kids!

Then...some presents: including: soccer goals, Lakers Jersey, pajamas, Star Wars Legos, football cards, 2 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books, alarm clock, DS game and some cash! The kid is spoiled rotten!

So, my cake doesn't even begin to compare to the Mario Cake! He wanted a minute to win it cake...I can admit, I didn't put a ton of time into it! I was impressed with the fact that I got some ice cream in between 2 layers of cake! I enjoy that part...the making of the cake...just not decorating it!


Anonymous said...

It was fun. Nana