Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pomp and Circumstance

It's hard to believe...kindergarten is (almost) over! Today...was graduation day. We went to school about 1/2 way through the morning. After watching a slide show of the year...each of the kids received their "diploma"Seth appeared so excited!And now he can actually read it!Isn't he so cute?Then it was time for a 10:15 in the morning! Hey...the kids didn't care. Grant chose to play on the swings...with his friend, Katie! How cute is that? Seth climbed the playset

No fear Grant found the BIGGEST slide on the whole playground! NO FEAR...this kid has NO FEAR!

Seth and the neighbor girl...

Seth and Mrs.'s been a great year for him.

So blessed!

Best friends...from preschool and on to kindergarten...Allie, Seth & Nate

I'm so proud of this little guy! I do have to brag...the little guy hasn't "pulled a card" all year! That means...not once did the teacher have to discipline him for his behavior! Watch out..this kid is gonna go somewhere!
He still has 3 days left...he keeps telling me...kindergarten isn't over just yet!


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Seth!

Anonymous said...

That last post was me. Nana