Sunday, June 19, 2011


Wow, I can't believe it's over! So much planning, emailing, organizing. We had a committee of 7 who worked their TAILS off planning our 3rd annual ice cream social. We changed venues this year and added alot of new things...I was nervous that it would come together...I was scared to death it was going to rain (even though our new venue allowed us to move inside).

Well...our little Kate didn't let us down. She had a little chat up in heaven and we had a gorgeous day. Sunny, a little overcast with a slight breeze and NO RAIN! We have gotten reports of rain all over the city. Some said it was raining at their home when they left. We had several tracking the storm on their 3:40 we panicked...took down tents and took the book fair inside. NOT A DROP OF RAIN!

It was an amazing day....really our only issue was that the ice cream was TOO hard. Otherwise everything went smoothly.

The book fair was a huge success...we were able to get over $800 in free books plus over 100 books were donated to us just from the book fair. Plus...a whole double sided Kart of books were donated by people who came.

We branched out and hired a company that has small amusement type rides. They were a huge success. The moonwalks are always a hit! What is it about little carnival games and cheap prizes and suckers...the kids went crazy.

We added concessions...hotdogs, chips and pop were a huge hit! The Live Entertainment was excellent...Madeline's Toybox sang children's songs...Peto did Magic and The Conglomernotes played jazz/swing.

What a day...our little Kate has made such an impact on this community. It was so heartwarming to see and hear stories about families who heard about Kate's Kart while in the hospital.

I am amazed at volunteers who give of their time...friends and strangers. We really couldn't have done it without them...and for grandparents who wrangle the boys...and for Andy and all his patience with me and willingness to do whatever I asked. our church who graciously allowed us to have it there and provided support for whatever we needed.

I only have a few pics I anxious to see the professional pics taken by our photographer...I will be sure to post those when we get them.

Clifford is always a huge hit! I am so thankful for those volunteers (all teenagers) who were willing to don the big furry costume!

Grant LOVED the bubbles...

and playing the games...Seth was such a good helper this year.

and he LOVES his suckers...even more than the ice cream.


Kathy said...

Krista....I'm SO glad that you had such a great turnout and no rain! It just makes me all teary...all the wonderful things that you do...and all the volunteers that step up and offer their help.
I hope you can sit back and relax did it...again!
You're just wonderful.
Hugs from rainy WA...