Thursday, June 23, 2011

Grand Haven...Tuesday

We woke up after a good night's sleep...Grant actually slept in till 8:15! After a easy breakfast we headed down to the beach! The boys were so excited! Seth jumped right into the water. was a little cold!

We spent a couple hours just playing in the fun and sun! Even though it was cold...the water was bearable, especially when the sun was shining.

We took a break for lunch...ate in the camper and then we had to move sites (the campground is booked 6 months in advance...the only way we could get a reservation was to move sites). After getting re-situated...Andy and Seth rode their bikes downtown to do a little shopping and had some coffee and frozen drinks! Grant and I stayed back and napped!

Once the boys came back...Seth and I headed back to the beach and Grant and Andy joined us after the Grant woke up.

We had to cut it a little short as it looked like a bad storm was rolling in! While at the showers, the rangers came around and posted notices about hail, and wind and tornadoes! YIKES....

Well, fortunately, nothing came besides a few sprinkles. After dinner in the camper, we walked back into town for our nightly ice cream. Of course, we had to stop and explore the bells, boats and monuments.

Back to the RV, and Andy stayed back and put a VERY tired little guy to bed! Seth and I rode our bikes back into town for the lighted fountain show. It's the largest in the world! It's about 20 minutes of synchronized music and lights and water. Seth loved it...and it was fun just sitting on the hill chatting with my 7 year old! Of course, we chose the longest day of the year to see it, so it didn't even start until once we got back...Seth hit the sack HARD! But hey...something did go our it started storming once we got back safe and sound in the RV! It was kinda cool to watch the lightning over the lake!