Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holiday World

After a wonderful VBS celebration at church...we quickly headed south for a short family vacation. It was my Andy treated me to Moe's on the way. The boys did great and overall it was a pretty easy drive down to Santa Claus, IN. We met up with my parents and my brother's family at the campground. My parents took their RV and rented a trailer for the rest of us. It was great. My cousin and her husband who live nearby were also there and we all dined on a gourmet birthday dinner.

I teasingly told my dad I wanted peel and eat shrimp and crab soup for dinner (since that was what we had last year at the beach!) Well...being the awesome dad he is...he didn't let me down. In fact...the soup was even better than the Lobster House in Cape May! YUM YUM! Plus some fish and fresh cucumbers made for a great birthday dinner. Cousin Martha brought some homemade blueberry cobbler that was awesome (and I'm not even a cobbler fan!)

All four of us were in 4 bunk beds in the was some great family bonding time!

We woke up Monday morning and headed to Holiday was a short little shuttle ride. It was already HOT...and I mean HOT! Nana and Oompa took Grant and Andy, Seth and I rode a few rides. We met up with Grant later and went on a few more rides and grabbed a quick lunch. Then...back to the camper for a nap! HA HA! Grant was no where close to taking a nap so we changed and headed back to the water park! By this time it was REALLY hot! Grant and I played in a kiddie area while Andy and Seth rode a few waterslides. Then...we switched and all went on the lazy river. Unfortunately, it was really crowded and the lines were quite long for the big water slides.

By this time the lines were short in the amusement side...everyone was at the water dad and I tackled THE VOYAGE..the number 1 wooden roller coaster! Wow...what a ride...I've never been so shaken up after a ride. Andy and Seth were off playing and Nana had Grant. We met up with Nana and took Grant on some kiddie rides, including the roller coaster for kids..he did so well!

Back to the camper for a quick dinner and back to the park for a few more rides. Lucas, Seth and I tackled another roller coaster and the boys rode the scrambler again (one of Seth's favs).

We all crashed when we got back...but Grant was SUPER for only catching about 15 minutes in the stroller.

On Tuesday we decided to hit the water park first thing...Nana and Oompa kept the little ones while the rest of us rode a few water rides. We then found some kiddie slides where Grant had a glorious time...all he would say was: again! I know he went down those slides at least 50 times. The bigger boys were loving the wave pools. We spent the rest of the afternoon just playing in the water (trying to stay cool) as it was at least 97 and HUMID!!!! We were all just dripping in sweat.

Andy took Elijah for a while...we kept Lucas...Andy went back...the boys and I did the lazy river and had ice cream. It seemed like we were all split up at some point...but keeping 11 people in the same place was impossible. Doug's family had to leave after the rest of us went back to the park for a final 2 hours.

We had noticed that the rental trailer seemed really hot...we asked them to check the air conditioner while we were gone. Glad we did...cause it was shot...but luckily they just installed a new one while we were at the park.

We rode a few more and I did another roller coaster and then closed down the park with a final carousel ride.

It is a very cool park...very clean! They offer free soda/lemonade/water/tea throughout the park. They are called Pepsi Oasis and it is the best thing EVER...especially when it feels like it's 110 degrees. Although some of the lines were a little was still a great vacation. I am so thankful to my parents who provided this for us...what a great treat and what wonderful memories they are building with our boys. It's all Seth talked about...all they way home. And Grant...was a complete angel, even without a long as that kid is busy, he's a joy!