Saturday, July 30, 2011

A evening at the county fair

Seth spent a few days with Grandma and Ted earlier this week...just by himself! It was a special treat for him and as always, he was genuinely spoiled. After 3 days away, I missed my boy so we headed to Portland to pick him up....but spent a few hours at the Jay County Fair...the HOT HOT fair.

Grant was not too impressed with the animals...but most of them were lying down...just trying to stay cool
He was impressed with the tractors...suddenly he is totally enthralled with big machines...especially dump trucks, excavators and tractors

We grabbed some dinner...first stop was some grilled corn...complete with a total butter bath! Thankfully Seth's front teeth have come in enough he was able to eat his first ear (on the cob)this summer!

Then...Grandma treated the boys to some rides...this carousel ride seriously went on was almost comical. I was glad I didn't ride cause I would have seriously been sick by that time. I really think the "carny" fell asleep.

The boys rode a little roller coaster...what a great big brother!

Thankfully Grandma can stomach all those whirly stomach just can't handle them and Seth seems to adore them.

Grant was happy with all his little rides... he just seems so big riding all alone!

And what's a county fair without some elephant ear! YUM YUM!

It was hot, but it was fun! Thanks Grandma and Ted for a fun night out...and for keeping our big boy for a few days and loving on him! Just wait...Grant's turn is coming.


Shari said...

Thanks for another great blog, Krista! Now my mouth is watering for corn on the cob and an elephant ear!! YUM!!!
Stay cool and keep 'em coming....the blogs, that is!

Jackie said...

I'm dreaming of elephant's ear now too! We don't have it here in the UK so I've not had one now sine the 3 rivers festival in 1993!