Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Grant! about a FAST 2 years! I figure you can call a 1 year old a baby still...but once they hit 2...they are too grown up...and that's what I have...a very tall, very talkative and very ORNERY 2 year old!

Andy took Grant out this morning for a doughnut! It was kinda fun for him to have some one on one time with Grant. Then...we just spent the morning at home. I took both boys to McDonald's for a quick lunch. I always think that he is old enough to go up in the germ tunnel...but evidently, he isn't! After about 10 minutes of screaming, I finally found an younger teen who went up and found him! Yeah...done with that for a while.

Then we ran a few errands and picked up his cake and bought balloons before coming home for a nap.

The family all came over for dinner, presents and cake. Cousin Nia was all about helping unwrap...and we heard a lot of "MINE!" Fortunately, we gave Nia a gift as well (as we had missed her birthday in April) so she was soon entertained. However....there was a 7 and 8 year old really willing to help.

The winner of the night...a soft ball/bat combo! I felt so sorry for him...he just wanted to play with his new toys and we kept pushing him to open more gifts!

He was also quite excited about the new scooter. However...he thinks he can just stand on it and it will go since Andy was pushing/pulling him back and forth. But, knowing Grant, it won't take him long to catch on.

Time for cake...took the easy/cheap road and ordered from Sam's...I was quite impressed! Grant is ALL ABOUT Elmo, so it seemed a logical theme.

When it was time to blow out the candles, he hit his finger on the this was his demeanor for most of the song!

But he quickly cheered up when it was time to eat the cake!

Wise move momma, to take off the clothes...that red icing was dangerous!

It was a fun low-key, 1/2 way relaxing evening. Grant did really well and seemed to enjoy himself. Not quite sure if he understood everything...but he had fun! We are blessed with a wonderful family who just loves on our little --well, not so little anymore---guy!