Thursday, July 21, 2011

The long trip home

We took our time packing and getting ready on Wednesday morning...we were in no hurry to get back out into the heat! It just seemed to be getting hotter and hotter. We pulled out around 11 and headed into the town of Santa Claus and explored the Christmas store and museum.
The boys wrote letters to Santa...can't wait for him to write back! They even got to ride in his sleigh!

We found a roadside sign and took a picture...just to make me happy!

We met my parents for lunch and then drove a few miles to Lincoln's Boyhood Home. We explored the museum (while Grant slept in the stroller) and watched a video on Lincoln growing up. Then...we headed out to the working farm and the replica of his home. It was really too hot to even enjoy it.

The cutest thing was when Grant started pounding the mash..all the chickens came running!

In front of the actual location of Lincoln's cabin!

Then we headed east. We decided to get a hotel for the night. We got our room and after getting unloaded it just didn't feel cool. I went to the front desk and told them. They were sold out of rooms. They offered a discount rate and a fan! Nope...that wasn't gonna work! So...instead, they offered the only available non-smoking room......the jacuzzi suite! SWWWEEET!

So...we enjoyed our nice...COOL 2 room house! The boys watched some cartoons and then we headed to Walmart to buy sweatshirts since we were planning to go to a cave. That was weird...buying sweatshirts when it was 100! After a quick dinner at Culver's we hit the hotel pool and then had more fun in the room tub! I think the boys had more fun in the jacuzzi than than the pool. was was a treat to have the boys in a separate room...and to have a KING size bed for us! It felt HUGE after our twin bunk beds the past few nights!

A good nights sleep was had by all...we all slept in (including Grant who was on day 4 of no real nap!) and then dined on the "free" breakfast.

Then a 15 drive to Marengo Cave. The constant 53 degrees felt wonderful...infact, I didn't even use my brand new from last season on clearance sweatshirt from Walmart. Seth really enjoyed it...and Grant just kept saying: "Where are we?" The 40 minute 1/3 mile walk was perfect for the boys.

Had the heat not been unbearable...we might have gone elsewhere...but we really didn't want to be outside anymore! is always nice to be away...but nicer to be home. We were home in time for dinner (carry-out, since we have no groceries), bath and some downtime! It was a good 5 days away....and now...on to the last 3 weeks of summer! Where has it gone?


Kathy said...

You guys are always on the GO! I feel so tired...I guess I just need to load up our boys and just hit the road too! Santa Claus looks like SO much fun! I have never even heard of that place!