Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our not so little 2 year old!

Every mom says it...but really, how can my little baby be growing up so fast. He is the funniest thing ever. It amazes me at how different he is from his older brother. He personality is really shining right now...and his vocabulary is exploding. He is even learning little "right now". He also has the cutest inflection of his voice when he asks a question.

He turned 2 at the beginning of the month...I had been thinking in my mind that it was time to try and do some paci bootcamp. He has a love/hate relationship with those things. Some of the time he is screaming for them...he hasn't gone to bed for 2 years without one. They bring him a lot of comfort when he's upset...and can bide us a few minutes of quiet when he is screaming (especially in the car!)

However...he also loves to chuck them me, in the grocery, in the van. For some reason, at some random point in time...he will just chuck it as hard as he can. Usually, within in a minute or 2 he is screaming "paci" all over again. And lately, he has been hiding them...under pillows, in the couch and in any random hole/opening/box he can find. Sometimes I find them in the cereal box...sometimes in the utensil drawer.

Well...on July 3 it was nap time and I couldn't find 1 single paci anywhere...and I know there are at least 10 of them somewhere in this house. I bit the bullet...cold turkey..I told him that the pacis were all gone. Amazingly...he fell asleep. And amazingly again...he fell asleep without a mention at bedtime.'s been almost 3 weeks and no battle.

He has even found some of those said missing pacis in the house since then. He'll come to me with 1 in his mouth all proud...I'll take it away and say no more pacis...and not another word. I'm so proud of that little up a 2 year old habit so easily (now if we could only get the 7 year old to go cold turkey with his blankie).

We went to his 2 year well kid check-up. No surprise he continues to be off the chart on height and at about 75% for weight. The doc predicted around 6'6" to 6'8"...YIKES! He checked out completely healthy and appeared to be ahead of the "crowd" when it comes to talking and physical abilities (steps, catching, jumping). Interestingly, we just found out that Grant means big and tall! Hmmm???

What a blessing to be this little spitfire's mommy! He can make me scream...but can also bring the biggest smile. Just the other night...he brought me to tears...while singing to him as he slowly fell asleep...laying there so sweetly...cuddled with me on the bed. Those are the moments I want to cherish ALWAYS (not the ones when he brings me to tears cause he just did a killer head but and broke open my lip!)