Sunday, July 31, 2011

Summer Bucket List

It seemed like a good idea 2 months ago. It was the first day of summer and we had weeks and weeks ahead of us! We made up our summer bucket list...a list of 59 things (cause that is what fit on the poster board) we were going to do this summer! Some were free...some cost money...some were spur of the moment things...some needed planning. The idea was to make sure we were intentional...and doing some fun stuff with the boys...and to give us some ideas on those "what do you want to do today" days.

Well...we have 10 days left as of tomorrow...and we aren't 1/2 way through our list. Now, I know in my heart that we have had a busy full summer! 3 birthdays + Ice cream Social + vacation to lake Michigan + VBS + vacation to Holiday World...and none of those were on our "list". Plus...we've had so many 90+ degree days which just seem to DRAIN all of our energy.

But...I'm determined...we're going to do it...well, maybe not pick strawberries, cause I don't think that is even possible! Maybe I'll just buy some and scatter them across the backyard.

It looks like we have 28 of them that leaves 31 of them left! I look at a few of them and think, "we've done that..." but according to the master, Seth...we haven't! Evidently game night MUST be more than 1 game..and coloring must include the whole family.

So...31/10 = 3 a day! much for the lazy days of summer....and we've got several "other" things already on the calendar for the next 1.5 weeks. Maybe...just will be an "official summer" bucket list and we'll go until Labor Day...or hey...isn't the first day of fall not until September?


Deanna said...

I totally need to do this with my kids next summer.... what a great idea! :)

"Bo" said...

Missed you guys yesterday. Was St. Joe on the list?

Shari said...

OH!! I love the "Bucket List" idea!! You guys do the neatest things! Thanks for blogging about them!!