Sunday, July 31, 2011

still growing too fast!

This kid just cracks me up! The other day...while doing dishes and vacuuming...this is how we found him:

yes, wearing 2 winter hats...and it's been like 90+ degrees out! We're never quite sure what he is going to be up to! Lately...he has taken to grabbing wooden spoons out of the drawer, giving one to Seth and saying: "FIGHT. "

He continues to be fascinated with water and says he wants to go "swimming tomorrow" everyday! I really don't think he knows what "tomorrow" means...but he says it! And...he has a new fascination with dumptrucks and excavators. We drive by a lot of construction (what's new in FW) and he is always saying: "I see a dump truck" I see an excavator" But...really...any vehicle that is not a a dump we see a LOT of "dump trucks"

We did venture and take him to his first movie theatre movie the other day! Winnie The Pooh is out...and it's only an hour so we thought that might be a good iniatiaion. He did really well...he was quite verbal at the beginning..saying: "I see a _____" anytime anything came on the screen...and he was quite intrigued by the light coming from the projector. Overall...he did really well and tells me often he wants to go to the "big tv tomorrow" Yes...he is growing up way too it me...or does he look like a 4 year old in his 2 year old pics?

I could just eat him up with all those curls!


Shari said...

He is such a cutie, especailly with those curls! Sounds like he has the mentality of a 4 year old!