Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoopendous Day!

Oops...that darn sidewalk! Every morning Grant and I walk down to the bus stop. Grant usually gets pretty excited with all the big kids down there. Yesterday...he chose to run around with them. Well, that sidewalk had a little bump which left a BIG BUMP...Both knees, the forehead and the NOSE! He complained for about 2 minutes about the knee...but was over it in about 10. Poor guy...however, he is getting a LOT of attention.

It was a gorgeous day...so after library story time, Grant and I headed to the zoo. When we first got there we ran into a great friend and her 3 kids. They were on their way to the train so we rode along. (Fortunately, we already had a play date planned for tomorrow, or I would be really sad because that 20 minutes wasn't enough).

Isaac and Grant on the train

Then we parted ways has her little 3 month old was DONE! Grant and I explored Africa as Grant LOVES the lions and loves just walking along the path.

The zebras were exceptionally close today:

Then...on the way to Indonesia, we ran into more friends from church! Yeah for finding friends at the zoo!

And then...of course, Grant had to chase some animal. Here he is getting a little too close to a peacock!

The funny of the day: Grant was eating grapes around the monkeys. One noticed and I said: "I think the monkey wants your grape" Oops....should've seen this coming: Grant proceeds to throw a grape at the cage. The monkeys start fighting over the grape and then all of sudden, there are 4 of them hanging on the cage screeching for more. Why do I have a feeling that kid is gonna get thrown out of the zoo at this rate?

Soccer and Shucking

Saturday was Seth's 2nd soccer game of the season. He has come so far in the past 4 years....it's beginning to look like real soccer. They still bunch...but occasionally you do see a really good pass to a teammate. We've had 2 great Saturdays to watch the games (while not chasing Grant off the field).

Then...after a quick lunch...Grant and I headed to Nana and Oompa's to freeze some corn. The plan was for Grant to nap...but that wasn't' going to happen. "Me do it" "Me Help" He actually did fairly well at shucking some of the 8 dozen we bought.

When we were about done...Seth came over too. (He had been at a fort re-enactment) with

Andy. Seth's job...label the bags.

Thanks to Oompa's turkey cooker and Nana's cutting skills...we got all 8 dozen shucked, cooked, cut and bagged in an hour! Woo hoo...nothing beats fresh corn in the winter (if that even makes sense) And..this was FRESH...when I went to pick it up on Sat. morning...they were just coming off the field from picking it!

Thanks Nana and Oompa for all your help.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cougar Pride

Wow, am I so proud of this kid! Today was the 1st of his school's Cougar Celebrations (which is like a all-school assembly/pep session). He came home with the cougar pride award. This award (from my understanding) is given out once a month (chosen by teachers and staff) to 2 kids from each grade level (a boy and girl, I think). Today...he got it...at the 1st one...in 1st grade!

So...evidently he's made a good 1st impression on his teacher this year (or he's got them completely fooled). We are so proud of him. He really does AMAZING at school. He loves learning and wants to learn. In fact he keeps asking when he'll get homework.

In celebration...and just to reinforce how proud we were...we let him pick a place for ice cream. ( I personally was rooting for YoYo's)...but he chose DQ!

It is my hope and prayer that he continues to strive in school...academically and socially and behaviorally. So far, he is off to a GREAT start.

And...might I add that he has become obsessed with reading. He is turning into that kid that always has a book in front of his face. Tonight...we were saying our prayers and singing Jesus Loves Me like we always do! We look over...he's reading! (Grant, by the way, is running like a mad-man around the room/stairs). And right now...I've had to tell him 3 times to turn off his light! But really...how can you get mad when he is up there reading? He constantly begs for "1 more chapter." I can't start reading a chapter book to him without reading the whole thing. I always cherished that time together...laying in bed together...reading. Tonight...he was reading on his own a book he started after school...and wanted to finish the book on his own...part of my heart broke. He is growing up...WAY TOO FAST. At least he still needs me to tie his shoes!

Getting into a routine!

It's been 2 weeks since Seth has been in school and 1 since Andy started. I think we're slowly adjusting to the new schedule...which means getting up and getting going. Grant has always made sure we have been getting up through the summer...but at least then we had the luxury of being lazy. Now...Andy is out the door by 6:15 and Seth is on the bus by 7:20.

Which leaves...me and Grant. It's a whole new dynamic. I was hoping to get him down for his nap by 12:30 and then have a couple hours to get some work done. Well...a week later and the most time I've had is about 25 minutes. We're staying busy...going swimming, going to parks, going to the Y, running errands. Plus...I love that 1 on 1 time with him...especially when he just wants to read and read books before nap.

Grant is now the age that Seth was when Kate was born. For obvious reasons...my attention wasn't always on our easy going Seth. He spent a lot of time at grandparents and with friends. Honestly, I feel like I missed out on most of his 2's...you know, being able to just really enjoy his new found freedom and independence. I am choosing to enjoy those moments with Grant...because he is a complete joy 1 on 1! Now...when Seth comes home...the chaos begins again and that "onery" side come back out.

My favorite Grantism right now...whenever I call him something that isn't his name, for instance: "come on slowpoke"...he is quick to reply: "I Gant." He's not my sweetie, my big boy or even my little cutie patootie: he is simply: "Gant"

Obviously with the bigger boys gone...we try to get as much family time in as possible. This past weekend we went hiking at Matea Park. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and a great day to just meander through the woods. The boys loved it! Then...we came home and made homemade chocolate mint ice cream! YUM YUM! (Yeah, we're still marking off our bucket list).

Grant did REALLY REALLY well...Andy only carried him the last 5 minutes...because if he didn't, we would still be out there picking up every stick and acorn we crossed!

Seth would have hiked all day too! He loves looking at maps and trying to figure out where we are and where we are going.

We got Grant a new life jacket! It is so cool...it's called a puddle jumper! At first he hated it and was scared to death...Now...he just bobs around in the pool. It's so cute! Trying to get in a

few more days of the outdoor swimming!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Camping Out and Impromptu Movie Night!

We promised Seth a campout in the backyard this summer...oops...that didn't get done (even though we had 1 planned and he got sick). So...tonight his buddy Nate came over. It was Seth's first "sleep over" except with cousins or grandparents. Well...Nate's big brother came to drop him off and we invited him to stay too! They are all good buddies, since I watch both of them before school for a bit! After a quick dinner, they had a little ice cream while Andy set up a movie in their tent.

Well..that wasn't working and the screen was pretty small...so we got out the projector and set it up on the side of the tent! And...since it was a beautiful night... decided to go over and invite the neighbor kids over.

We started the movie a little before it got dark...but it was still showing up well on our "screen"...but obviously got even better as the night went on! It was pretty cute...them all laying on blankets...eating popcorn and watching and laughing to "A Bug's Life"

We thought we would put Grant to bed..but he was out there...just wanting desperately to be a BIG KID!

It was pretty cute...at one point, Grant went and got his chair and set it right in front of the screen! He is our comic relief!

After the movie, the neighbors went home and the boys set up camp in the tent! Once again...we had tears and Grant sobbing to "me go bed"! Poor guy...just REALLY wants to be a big kid!

Andy is sleeping on the porch on an air mattress so not to be too far away from the boys. What a great daddy!

1st day of 1st grade

It's hard to believe that it's here! Yes...again with the "it's too early" and "he's growing too fast!"
The pre-school preparations went well! He was super excited to go school supply shopping so one Sunday afternoon we hit Walmart! He loves checking off his list. Then...we even made a trip to Fred Toegnes and got him fitted for some good shoes. We bought a new lunchbox...found a great deal on a new backpack (at Menard's, none the less) and got everything labeled. We registered the week before school and he was excited to see one of his buddies was in his class. Me, on the other hand, was not excited about 28+ kids in his class. Luckily...they added a new teacher the last few days. Unfortunately, his buddy got moved...which meant that Seth was a little nervous about not really knowing any of the boys in his class! I however, was elated about 23 versus 30 in his class.

We went and met his teacher the night before school started and took all his supplies. His teacher seemed nice and Seth was 1/2 way excited.

Thursday morning came and he was up without a fight and ready to tackle his first day. We all walked him down to the bus stop...after a few photos of course!

It was August 11..but unseasonably cool that morning!

Grant was quite upset that he wasn't able to go on the bus! He kept crying and saying: "me go bus" (Today...he was fine, and I'd ask him about going on the bus...and he would reply: "me too little" It was VERY CUTE!)

It was a much longer day that I expected! (Andy doesn't start till next week, but he went into work to get a headstart...which meant it was just me and Grant! We went to the park...took a long bike ride/walk and spent a lot of time just playing! However...I do say I miss some conversation at lunch! My plan: have him down for nap by 12:30 and then get 2 hours to myself! Nope...Grant fell asleep about 20 minutes before Seth got home (and that was with Andy helping as well!)

Seth came home and I bribed him with some fresh cookies...hoping to get all the gossip of the day! Not much..just a few words bout learning procedures...him having the wrong kind of tennis shoe (they mark)...playing with old friends at 3 recesses and sitting with girls at lunch.

Doesn't he even look older and smarter after 1 day? It's going to be a great year!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zoo Fun

What a fun day on Tuesday! Two of my bestest oldest friends came into town...and you can't beat those friends who have been with you since the awkward terrible JH/HS days. It was hot...but being with Sharyn and Gina made the heat totally bearable..just wishing the other 2 could have been there (missed you Mel & Kar)

After meeting for a quick lunch at Arby's...we all headed to the zoo!
Neither Sharyn or Gina had been since the new African exhibit opened...so we headed there first.

What a treat to see the lion right up against the glass! He was deep in an afternoon nap...so we couldn't see his face...but still...he's a BIG BOY!

Then...we saw the giraffes...the male was feeding and it wasn't packed...so both boys got a chance to feed him a lettuce leaf (or as Grant called it..."a pretty")

yeah...I'd be freaked out too if that long ole' tongue came after me too!

Then...off to Indonesia...but didn't have as much luck catching the orangutans and tiger in action. but...the kid got some ice cream and a ride on the carousel.

And...you have to have your picture with the dragon! This is Sharyn's little sweetie with Grant.

Grant found a mister...and camped out! He had the right idea but came away soaked!

And..the funniest part of the day (well, at least now, looking back)...we were looking at the penguins...and I was talking...and when I looked over...Grant was INSIDE the fence getting ready to throw some leaves in the water. Now, I know that the penguins won't cross over the water (hence the shorter fence that Grant could scale)...but still it freaked me out! And because I'm a good mommy...I chose to rescue him instead of taking a picture.

It was a great afternoon at the zoo...made even better by some great company!

Are you ready for some football?

Andy and Seth headed down to Anderson University Monday Morning to spend a few hours at the Colts Training Camp. They met Andy's friend and his 2 kids there. It was a hot morning...but they enjoyed getting to see the players (minus Payton, who wasn't there due to injury) and came home with a bunch of stuff. Andy said the most surprising thing to him was the size of the players...I guess seeing them up close, without pads...they don't appear as big as they do on tv!

So glad they were able to spend some time together..building more memories!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

9 years ago...I made a GREAT decision! little did I know what was ahead of us...little did I know how much I could love someone!
So thankful to be on this journey with Andy!
Love you!