Friday, August 12, 2011

1st day of 1st grade

It's hard to believe that it's here! Yes...again with the "it's too early" and "he's growing too fast!"
The pre-school preparations went well! He was super excited to go school supply shopping so one Sunday afternoon we hit Walmart! He loves checking off his list. Then...we even made a trip to Fred Toegnes and got him fitted for some good shoes. We bought a new lunchbox...found a great deal on a new backpack (at Menard's, none the less) and got everything labeled. We registered the week before school and he was excited to see one of his buddies was in his class. Me, on the other hand, was not excited about 28+ kids in his class. Luckily...they added a new teacher the last few days. Unfortunately, his buddy got moved...which meant that Seth was a little nervous about not really knowing any of the boys in his class! I however, was elated about 23 versus 30 in his class.

We went and met his teacher the night before school started and took all his supplies. His teacher seemed nice and Seth was 1/2 way excited.

Thursday morning came and he was up without a fight and ready to tackle his first day. We all walked him down to the bus stop...after a few photos of course!

It was August 11..but unseasonably cool that morning!

Grant was quite upset that he wasn't able to go on the bus! He kept crying and saying: "me go bus" (Today...he was fine, and I'd ask him about going on the bus...and he would reply: "me too little" It was VERY CUTE!)

It was a much longer day that I expected! (Andy doesn't start till next week, but he went into work to get a headstart...which meant it was just me and Grant! We went to the park...took a long bike ride/walk and spent a lot of time just playing! However...I do say I miss some conversation at lunch! My plan: have him down for nap by 12:30 and then get 2 hours to myself! Nope...Grant fell asleep about 20 minutes before Seth got home (and that was with Andy helping as well!)

Seth came home and I bribed him with some fresh cookies...hoping to get all the gossip of the day! Not much..just a few words bout learning procedures...him having the wrong kind of tennis shoe (they mark)...playing with old friends at 3 recesses and sitting with girls at lunch.

Doesn't he even look older and smarter after 1 day? It's going to be a great year!