Friday, August 12, 2011

Camping Out and Impromptu Movie Night!

We promised Seth a campout in the backyard this summer...oops...that didn't get done (even though we had 1 planned and he got sick). So...tonight his buddy Nate came over. It was Seth's first "sleep over" except with cousins or grandparents. Well...Nate's big brother came to drop him off and we invited him to stay too! They are all good buddies, since I watch both of them before school for a bit! After a quick dinner, they had a little ice cream while Andy set up a movie in their tent.

Well..that wasn't working and the screen was pretty we got out the projector and set it up on the side of the tent! And...since it was a beautiful night... decided to go over and invite the neighbor kids over.

We started the movie a little before it got dark...but it was still showing up well on our "screen"...but obviously got even better as the night went on! It was pretty cute...them all laying on blankets...eating popcorn and watching and laughing to "A Bug's Life"

We thought we would put Grant to bed..but he was out there...just wanting desperately to be a BIG KID!

It was pretty one point, Grant went and got his chair and set it right in front of the screen! He is our comic relief!

After the movie, the neighbors went home and the boys set up camp in the tent! Once again...we had tears and Grant sobbing to "me go bed"! Poor guy...just REALLY wants to be a big kid!

Andy is sleeping on the porch on an air mattress so not to be too far away from the boys. What a great daddy!


Anonymous said...

What fun and another things is marked off the bucket list.

Jackie said...

Looks like they all had a great time!!