Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Soccer and Shucking

Saturday was Seth's 2nd soccer game of the season. He has come so far in the past 4 years....it's beginning to look like real soccer. They still bunch...but occasionally you do see a really good pass to a teammate. We've had 2 great Saturdays to watch the games (while not chasing Grant off the field).

Then...after a quick lunch...Grant and I headed to Nana and Oompa's to freeze some corn. The plan was for Grant to nap...but that wasn't' going to happen. "Me do it" "Me Help" He actually did fairly well at shucking some of the 8 dozen we bought.

When we were about done...Seth came over too. (He had been at a fort re-enactment) with

Andy. Seth's job...label the bags.

Thanks to Oompa's turkey cooker and Nana's cutting skills...we got all 8 dozen shucked, cooked, cut and bagged in an hour! Woo hoo...nothing beats fresh corn in the winter (if that even makes sense) And..this was FRESH...when I went to pick it up on Sat. morning...they were just coming off the field from picking it!

Thanks Nana and Oompa for all your help.