Thursday, August 4, 2011

Zoo Fun

What a fun day on Tuesday! Two of my bestest oldest friends came into town...and you can't beat those friends who have been with you since the awkward terrible JH/HS days. It was hot...but being with Sharyn and Gina made the heat totally bearable..just wishing the other 2 could have been there (missed you Mel & Kar)

After meeting for a quick lunch at Arby's...we all headed to the zoo!
Neither Sharyn or Gina had been since the new African exhibit we headed there first.

What a treat to see the lion right up against the glass! He was deep in an afternoon we couldn't see his face...but still...he's a BIG BOY!

Then...we saw the giraffes...the male was feeding and it wasn't both boys got a chance to feed him a lettuce leaf (or as Grant called it..."a pretty")

yeah...I'd be freaked out too if that long ole' tongue came after me too! to Indonesia...but didn't have as much luck catching the orangutans and tiger in action. but...the kid got some ice cream and a ride on the carousel. have to have your picture with the dragon! This is Sharyn's little sweetie with Grant.

Grant found a mister...and camped out! He had the right idea but came away soaked!

And..the funniest part of the day (well, at least now, looking back)...we were looking at the penguins...and I was talking...and when I looked over...Grant was INSIDE the fence getting ready to throw some leaves in the water. Now, I know that the penguins won't cross over the water (hence the shorter fence that Grant could scale)...but still it freaked me out! And because I'm a good mommy...I chose to rescue him instead of taking a picture.

It was a great afternoon at the zoo...made even better by some great company!


Shari said...

Fun making memories at the zoo. We took all four grandkiddies and Lori on Thurs. We all love riding the train. We enjoyed the cooler temps. that day. Thanks for all the good pictures! Keep 'em coming! :o)