Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoopendous Day!

Oops...that darn sidewalk! Every morning Grant and I walk down to the bus stop. Grant usually gets pretty excited with all the big kids down there. Yesterday...he chose to run around with them. Well, that sidewalk had a little bump which left a BIG BUMP...Both knees, the forehead and the NOSE! He complained for about 2 minutes about the knee...but was over it in about 10. Poor guy...however, he is getting a LOT of attention.

It was a gorgeous day...so after library story time, Grant and I headed to the zoo. When we first got there we ran into a great friend and her 3 kids. They were on their way to the train so we rode along. (Fortunately, we already had a play date planned for tomorrow, or I would be really sad because that 20 minutes wasn't enough).

Isaac and Grant on the train

Then we parted ways has her little 3 month old was DONE! Grant and I explored Africa as Grant LOVES the lions and loves just walking along the path.

The zebras were exceptionally close today:

Then...on the way to Indonesia, we ran into more friends from church! Yeah for finding friends at the zoo!

And then...of course, Grant had to chase some animal. Here he is getting a little too close to a peacock!

The funny of the day: Grant was eating grapes around the monkeys. One noticed and I said: "I think the monkey wants your grape" Oops....should've seen this coming: Grant proceeds to throw a grape at the cage. The monkeys start fighting over the grape and then all of sudden, there are 4 of them hanging on the cage screeching for more. Why do I have a feeling that kid is gonna get thrown out of the zoo at this rate?


Deanna said...

20 minutes definitely wasn't enough.... looking forward to tomorrow! AND thanks for helping me when Ellie escaped from the train!!! ;)

The Saunders Family said...

Anna had a nice fall like that a couple weeks ago too. She was the attention getter for some time. Now it is just a bit red, and looks like it will heal up fine!

Shari said...

OH NO!! Poor Grant! He's ALL boy, huh? Looks like it was a fun time despite the ouchy! Corn looks yummy and you have quite the handsome helpers!