Friday, September 30, 2011

More Zoopendous Days!

Last week my sister-in-law asked if I could watch Nia for the day so she could go on a field trip with Lucas. We took advantage of a BEAUTIFUL fall day and headed to the zoo! Gosh I love the zoo pass!

I was asked several times if they were twins!

If one was smiling for the camera...the other wasn't!

We stopped in Africa and had a picnic lunch right next to the giraffes!

Then...of course we had to feed the giraffe's their lunch too!

And then...we loved on some goats!

It was a fabulous day...except for having to pull both of them in the wagon! Felt like I got my workout in for the day!

They were both sacked out on the way home! It's hard work running through the zoo!


Anonymous said...

What cute grandkids I have!