Saturday, September 10, 2011

Our litte triathlete!

A few weeks ago Seth came home with a sheet about a triathlon being held at the school natatorium. He was excited and very interested in doing it! We chose to support him...did very minimal training and today was the big day!
We got there (right after his morning soccer game) and got him all checked in!
He had his only little staging area for his bike and shoes.
And even looked really official with his number on his arms and neck...YEAH #57

Then into the natatorium for staging. He was with 6-8 year olds...and they separated them by kids who were on swim teams and those who weren't. The swimmers started off first! WOW!

Seth swam the 75 yards (3 laps of the pool) He did choose to grab a kick board pretty early on. We had practiced and he could have done 2 on his own for sure...but I think he got nervous...and just happened to pass a lifeguard with one right off the bat.

Then...he runs out of the natatorium (must have been bright) to his staging area! The parents are all roped off and can't help!

He had a little trouble with his shoes...he got them on the wrong foot...and finally with the help of 2 adult helpers...he was ready to go! He was off on a 2 mile bike ride around the high school campus...we weren't able to see him for most of it!

Then...finally he came back and hopped off his bike for 1/2 mile run!

He ran the whole time....

and completed it all! I'm one proud mama!

We learned a lot this year...some of those kids are "into" it. But the most important thing is that he had fun...and he did.

But it's surreal for this momma...he's growing up and doing things all on his own! So proud...but still...he's just growing up, and that makes me kinda sad!


Anonymous said...

OH Krista, you made my day by blogging... ha That Seth is a go getter isn't he? He looked so cute in the pictures.. you're right that they grow up so fast.. enjoy every minute of it... Judy

Deanna said...

Wow, that's awesome! Go Seth! :)

Jackie said...

Well done Seth!!!

Shari said...

Krista, nice to see you at our original meeting place even if it was in the parking lot! And, you know how much you make MY day by blogging! You sure are a great Mom! Love the way you enjoy those "stinkin' cute boys"!!

Kathy said...

Can I just tell you that Seth is FAR more in shape than I am...I don't even think I could do half of that!

He's so awesome!