Saturday, October 1, 2011

Family Pizza Night!

The boys were pretty excited to make their own pizza tonight! They did it all...including rolling, kneeding and spreading out the dough!

It was made with a lot of LOVE!

and lots of cheese!

Grant was cracking me up...really "CHEESIN" it for the camera!

Seth said it was the "BEST" pizza he ever had!

Andy and I thoroughly enjoyed our spinach/chicken/basil/cherry tomatoe pizza...which was made with a little less "love"

Thinking homemade pizza night might just be a regular on the menu through the winter!


Shari said...

What handsome chefs you have at your house! Do you think maybe you could send them this way to make us a pizza? They might be able to teach me a thing or two! Looks yummy! Thanks for more good blogs! Makes my day! :o)