Monday, October 31, 2011

Feeling Crafty

There are so many cute ideas out there for Halloween! The food choices are so cute...we would have so many fun treats in our house...but that would just mean I would eat them. I am amazed at every one's creativity. I chose a couple fun things I saw and made some fun things:

1st...was these shirts. I'm not sure how much longer Seth will let me make him shirts..but he was thrilled with this ghost shirt...he said it looked like a video game! And...Grant thought his "candy" shirt was fun too! I just love easy and so fun!Then...before our weekend camping...I saw this fun snack mix! These are bugles dipped in colored chocolate! and then added to a Carmel snack mix made out of popcorn, pretzels, peanuts and Chex a few Reese's Pieces. This was a little addicting! I found this cute recipe at Cookies and Cups -- a very fun food blog. It turned out yummy...I just think I need more patience in letting the chocolate drip so it doesn't pool when you set it down on the paper. my dream life, I would make fun snacks, shirts and decorations all day long! I wouldn't be creative enough to think them up...but with the Internet and days would be full! But...for today: grocery shopping, cleaning and diaper changing are on my agenda.