Sunday, October 2, 2011

Feeling a little loaded down!

Yeah...that's how I am feeling right my load is just a little heavy. My mind is maybe a little blogging will clear my mind before hitting the sack and tackling this (crazy) week head on!

We've been busy...all of us!

Besides being responsible for 140 some 7th graders and teaching them WORLD history...Andy has been busy being HANDY ANDY! The pool stayed open through September, but fortunately he was able to shut it down this weekend! That took a HUGE load off of him having to head to the pool every night and morning. But...he is also replacing 200 some mailboxes within that housing that is keeping his evening plate full. Oh just being a daddy and husband and homeowner!

Seth is just a busy little guy too! He has been practicing and playing soccer (and doing a great job at it too!) Plus...he is now old enough to sing in the church choir and participate in the bible quizzing. on Wednesdays and going to the orthodontist...several to get quotes and opinions :( and playing with friends and keeping up with his football/basketball/baseball/Pokeman card addiction!

Me...well, I baked 27 dozen cookies a couple weeks ago...and have 48 some to bake in a couple weeks. I worked at our church clothing resale for 3 days (very worth it for the deal I got on buying and selling clothes). I am leading 1st-4th graders on Wednesdays at church and filled in for the children's pastor whose wife had a baby for a couple things! MOPS started, trying to find time to go into the classroom to help out Seth's teacher and I'm traveling all over northern Indiana doing Kate's Kart presentations (several a week), writing grants and trying to stay afloat with a charity that seems to be GROWING EVERYDAY! Oh yeah...I also cleaned the kitchen cabinets, only to get fed up with the grease and grime on the handles. HOURS later, they were taken off, soaked, scrubbed, Brasso'd, and reapplied. They look a little different now...but I know those babies are CLEAN! Oh yeah... and I'm a stay at home mom to a ornery little 2 year old!

Speaking of which...Grant is just busy whether it be playing toys...making messes...begging to go outside or to the zoo or swimming or read an excavator book! wonder I haven't blogged much in the past 21 days! is coming! I can see it! Next week, I was invited to attend a Children's Ministry Conference in Kansas City. So..thanks to the generosity of family and friends who are taking the boys...I'm heading there...praying for some renewal and refreshment: emotionally, spiritually, physically! I'm gonna miss all 3 of my boys immensely...but at the same time I'm looking forward to it. I'll be sure to fill you in when I get there! But first...we tackle this week!

So many of you may say, including my husband: "let something go!" Well...I would...if I could figure out what! You see...I do love it all (well, maybe not every dozen cookie or every piece of KK paperwork). I just don't like it when I feel like I'm not in control of it all. I don't like it when I forget to return a phone call...or don't' feel prepared for something. But...I think it's my personality...I think I've always put a lot on my plate. I've always wanted to "DO IT ALL!" I just have to remember to keep it all in balance. So...I'll head to bed before midnight to get some sleep and as it always does...the week will be over and we'll start all over again!