Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Night

What a beautiful night for trick or treating...really, you couldn't have asked for a better night. The boys were excited to get on their costumes again...Grant knew exactly what that meant: CANDY!

It's always a treat to stop in at great neighbor's houses.

Since we had a ton of candy...we only went for about 45 minutes...basically around the block. The boys were excited about handing out the candy at our house.

I loved it...the boys costumes were a huge hit. Little kids were so excited...some even wanted to come up and touch Seth! Obviously, he was easy to we heard lots of comments from even across the street!

After our candy was gone...we jumped in the car to go see some friends...I had told Grant, "no more candy"...but the little monkey ate a whole Twix bar through the wrapper.

And Grant loved looking at all his candy: his favorite by far: suckers! A big one and a little one!


Shari said...

Oh, Krista what wonderful, awesome memories you and Andy are making for your boys!! Many years ago we use to camp at Ouabache State Park and LOVED it. I had almost forgotten about it but, after reading your blog, guess where we are going tomorrow?! We don't camp anymore but, will take our bikes and have a picnic, etc. It's suppose to be a beautiful day! Thanks for the reminder and for all the fun blogs!!