Monday, October 17, 2011

Kansas City...Ignite

Due to the generosity of many....I was able to go to a Children's Ministry Conference last Sunday-Thursday! It was a much needed escape, renewal and learning time. We left on Sunday afternoon around 2...and it was a LONG drive! We stopped 3 times in Northern Indiana to pick up other children's 5 hours later we were still in western Indiana (Colts traffic didn't help!) 3:00 AM we arrived! I was with another volunteer and the paid administrative assistant. We quickly checked in and headed to bed.

Fortunately, Monday was a slow day. We had the morning free (to sleep!)...ate lunch at a bbq place (I didn't know KC was the bbq capital...even though the place we ate was Oklahoma Joe's).

We registered for the conference and relaxed in the afternoon before it all began at 5.

We were divided into groups and headed to LEGENDS. It is a very cool outdoor outlet mall with a ton of shopping and restaurants. It is also packed full of art in all different forms honoring legends from music, art, sports, etc. We had a scavenger hunt...which was fun and allowed us to see the whole mall! We only had time to grab some supper before the busses picked us up. This T REX place looked really cool (a dinosaur rainforest cafe...I know 2 little boys who would have liked that)

Monday night we had a speaker and worship at a church which has taken over an old school!

Tuesday included a day of workshops, speakers and worship. I learned a few new things and was reminded of some other things that I can apply to my volunteer work at church. I did take advantage of a few hours of free time to play frogger on the 3 lane highway and go shopping for some souvenirs.

Wednesday morning we headed to the Nazarene Publishing House! We were welcomed like rock stars! All the employees (dressed in bright green shirts) formed a giant line and whistled, screamed, blew kazoos and just plain welcomed us into the place. We took a tour (very cool to see their printing presses and their distribution center). We learned of some new curriculum as well as had lunch, listened to a speaker and had a few more seminars.

All the pastors, workers and volunteers from Indiana Northeast and Northwest Districts.

That afternoon we had the opportunity to walk around THE PLAZA! Although it was totally out of my price was a beautiful day to walk around (felt great after all that sitting in seminars) and check out all the cool fountains!

Grace Point Possy: Cathy (volunteer), Marsha (Administrative Assistant), Trey (Children's Pastor) and Me (volunteer)

Another cool fountain!

That night we had worship in a church that is in a working, open mall! Very cool.

Thursday morning we had a speaker and breakfast at the 3rd largest Nazarene Church in the World. The facility was amazing...I can't even imagine attending a church of 2500! Each Sunday School class had 3 sections (of almost 20 each) of each grade level! It was the size of a school.

We headed home around 11:30ish...made great time and I climbed into my own bed around 2 (with even losing an hour)

I was very glad the church offered to take me and pay my way! I enjoyed getting to know the other ladies from my church as well as some others in ministry from the state. It re-affirmed my love for children and teaching them about the love of Christ.

I missed my boys a bunch! Grant spent 6 days at Grandma and Ted's! I guess he did great! They spent most of the time outside, which makes Grant a happy camper. In fact...he cried for Grandma for a good 30 minutes after they dropped him off on Friday. My parents helped out with Seth in the mornings before school and he went to friend's house until Andy could pick him up. Andy and Seth had a fun week...going to movies, eating out and playing football. The best treat (even more than the welcome home flowers and sign)..was coming home and finding out Andy took the day Friday...we got to spend some time together! I don't think we had been apart for 5 days since we got married.