Monday, October 3, 2011

Kate's Kart continues to EXPLODE!

There is NEVER a dull moment with Kate's Kart! This thing is seriously exploding...I can't even fathom where this COULD go in the next 3 years? If things continue as they!

We have gotten such great feedback from the patients at Dupont hospital and the ER was wondering if there was anyway to accommodate the kids who come in all hours of the day. Currently, our volunteers only hit a tiny fraction of the kids...Just twice a week our volunteers are there to bring a little happiness to the ER kids. Not any the ER has their own Kart. So...if a child comes in in the middle of the night....they get a book! How awesome is that? So really...that's 15 karts in 14 hospitals! we gave Parkview Whitley a new Kart. They were actually hospital #5 back in Feb. 09...but due to their small old hospital they didn't have any storage space for the Kart so they just used a small tub. Now...they have a brand spankin' new hospital so we delivered a fully stocked Kart! The open houses are this people will be able to see the Kart stocked! YEAH!

Plus...bonus we got a private tour. The nurse who oversees the Kart met us there and showed us around. It's amazing...the technology! WOW! And this is even a small community hospital...makes me really excited to see the new Parkview here in town next March.

Plus...6 new Karts were delivered last week

...I have been and will be speaking several times a week for schools and community groups

...We're writing grants...seeking more money for more hospitals for more books

...Our website is getting cool new updates! (

...It's time to buy some books...we are completely out of princess books! Go figure!

...We are getting really cool and inspiring comments from families who received books!

It's busy busy busy! But it's good good good!


Jackie said...

Krista, you and Andy do such an amazing job with Kate's Kart. I wish you all the luck in the world, as you go from strength to strength with it.